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Verse 1:

With the fires burning
and the limbs still churning

Help is all around but far away.

Apathetic gawkers staring,
glaring through the glass of phones.

Fowl language to our brethren
mental degradation without thought

We piss, we moan,
outward chiseled face of stone.

Skil ahead, take a step,
off their backs, it's our hex.


I see the world before me.
I see the world and it's lies.

I open my eyes to see
Prophetic dreams of demise.

Bitter towards each other.
Caring only for our own.

Misery in company,
I am no longer alone.

Verse 2:

It's hard to soldier on
with trust and stoicism gone

A thread adheres my last of sanity
Not for a lack of vanity,

But pride and life; humanity.
Losing touch insanity.

I grasp and clasp for reason,
outwardly I laugh, it's treason.

Against my thoughts, my thoughts of hate,
Against myself, it's mental freight.

Too much to take, I fall I break,
my mental state is hard to shake.

You watch me fall, you watch me crumble.
At the end of ropes I stumble.

Not much longer now I feel,
charge ahead with reckless zeal.


Verse 3:

I've hit the rock that's at the bottom,
at the lowest of the low.

I've reached the final destination,
'cause there's nowhere left to go.

Put a bullet in the chamber,
pop it in and pull it back
and paint the walls with blood so thick
you'd swear to god that it was black.

Am I selfish or are you?
I am tired, lost, confused.

Live for others? I am shrewd.
Mind disolved, I've blown a fuse.

You crack a smile, I feel nothing,
my mind is blank, I should feel something,
but I don't, I just feel numb,
I pull the trigger, I succumb.


from Broken, released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Kentucky Killers Rhode Island

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