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Verse 1:

I'll bring them all to the streets,
the same streets that you lead
The mother fucking masses down
to eat the shit that you feed.

The fucking lies that you feel
justify what you steal
from but one of your own,
your own blood flesh and bone.

It's unforgivable, the shit you've pulled.
For countless years she's miserable.
It's typical, predictable,
volitional, political.

To paint a better picture
of your own fucking self?
To twist the years of hurt
for your own fucking wealth?

Well you've won for now,
but it's only just the tip from the sea.
We're rising up to claim the truth
for the masses to see

When, not if, you fall it'll
do you best to get on your knees,
And beg for life in fits of hope
that Selene hears your pleas.


If you open up your eyes
you'll beg for your demise from me.
I'll see your soul on to the other side.

I wish there were a way
so maybe you could stay with us.
I'll see your soul on to the other side.

Verse 2:

It's the beginning of the end,
the sort of shit that seems to trend.
Started out as naught but friends,
your agenda forced defense.

We made you.

Not what you have become,
but what you used to sing and drum,
what's good for all is good for one.

Yeah, right. More like best for might.
Solo power. Sugared words and lies
to perpetuate the blight.
Fuck light. Bring night.
Power fading deep to black,
the time has come to take your life.
The sight.
Of the knife.
Dragging ear to ear
brings an end to years of strife.

It was wrong.
It won't be long.
You made her beg and plead,
now it's time to make you bleed.



from Broken, released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Kentucky Killers Rhode Island

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