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Verse 1:

I'm the part of mind,
the part that fights the rest to climb.

To climb your vest, and up your chest,
and out your mother fucking breath. Yes

I'm the voice of reason,
the only voice you failed to feed, and

Now it's time to face the demon,
the demon you took part in breeding.

It didn't have to come to this.
What is "this?" "This" is bliss.
"bliss" is Dis,
by your own hands you took the piss.

If you just listened, we'd be more united.
Voices in your head bitch?
Fuck, man, you are mental blighted.

But I am here now,
Just sit back now,
Other voices in the back now,

I assimilate with thoughts of yours,
Took tours of scores of memories.

Seas of thoughts you thought you'd flee.

Verse 2:

We've been through so much you and I.
So much, in fact, it's time to try

My way, the right way, fuck divide.
It's time to override your mind.
Searching deep inside to find
Your voice once quiet now refined.

Pull the trigger, suicide.
Under my rules we unify.

'Cause sticks and stones
may break my bones,
but lack of words are
all that ever hurt me.
The pain you thrust upon yourself,
it built, you can't subvert me.

My time has come, you've come undone.
Let's have some fun, pull out your gun.
Filled with scum, this world undone,
now cackle laugh as they all run.

Verse 3:

You are me, now can't you see?
You're bitter twisted, mentally.

The pain inside the bottle popped the cap,
your brain just snapped and set me free
for reckless danger. I'm a stranger
filled with anger.

Your heart beats cold, do as your told,
your soul's been sold, your will has folded.

We're not broken, our eyes are open.
They are broken, that's the token.

Pick yourself up from the floor,
this mask, it hides what we abhore.

Gain composure, make it right.
Rage at bay, we pick the fights.

Breath drawn in, enjoy the night,
You've lost I've won, your way is trite.


from Broken, released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Kentucky Killers Rhode Island

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